MOT 2018 Testing Rules Have Changed.

How will it affect you and your garage?

Since the 20th of May 2018 emissions testing has changed, what does this mean for you the garage testing station carrying out MOT testing, you will have to conform to the new Euro 6 legislation.

What is Euro 6?

Euro 6 is the European Union directive to help reduce harmful pollutions from the exhaust of vehicles. Euro 6 is the sixth change to European Union directive which was originally created in September 2015. All vehicle production must meet these emission requirements. The aim of the Euro 6 is to reduce the levels of harmfully exhaust emission coming from automotive vehicles using petrol and diesel.

Taking steps to prepare for new emissions standards

There will be some emissions tester that already and compatible with the Euro 6. If you have an emissions tester NOT compatible you will need to purchase equipment that conforms to Euro6.

Upgrade to New Equipment

GEG – Garage Equipment Group is offering a £2000 + VAT Trade in offer against your old testing equipment. If your existing gas and smoke analyser is not upgradable or you just want to save the hassle of upgrading your old machine, then call us now and get a brand new Texa MULTIPEGASO new at £3995 + VAT (discounted price)

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