Eurotek Tyre Changer and Wheel Balancer package 5

The Garage Equipment Group has a range of Tyre Changers and Wheel Balancers available for you to choose from.

Package one includes the following products.

  • 1 x Eurotek T3000 Pro Fit Tyre Changer.
  • 1 x Eurotek Super-Spin Wheel Balancer.

The T3000 Pro Fit side swing arm Tyre Changer with twin assist arms comes equipped with the following features as standard.

  • 1 phase plug and play (requires suitable air supply)
  • Swing arm operation with air locking head offering ergonomic space saving design
  • Twin assister arms
  • Twin storage trays
  • Tyre inflator

The Eurotek T3000 Pro Fit Tyre Changer comes complete with a full 2-year parts warranty.

Tyre Changer Specification

  • Wheel range 14″ – 28″
  • Single phase 230V/ 50Hz

The Eurotek Super Spin Wheel Balancer comes equipped with the following features as standard.

  • The UK designed embedded software.
  • 1 phase plug and play Led display Semi-Automatic data input.
  • Autostarts feature when the hood is lowered.
  • Motor-driven hidden weight program.
  • 3 alloy programs.
  • Self-calibration allowed.
  • Comes with cones, measuring callipers and weight pliers.
  • All Eurotek Wheel Balancers come with a full two-year parts warranty.

Wheel Balancer specification:

  • Rim Size 10″ – 24″.
  • Rim Width 1.5″ – 20″.
  • Max Wheel Weight 65KG.
  • Single Phase.

Wheel Balancer weights and dimensions in the crate:

  • Crate dimensions 960mm x 760mm x 1160mm.
  • Crate weight 122KG.

Wheel Balancer weight and dimensions Assembled:

  • Assembled dimensions 920mm x700mmx 1660mm.
  • Assembled weight 98kg.

If you are unsure as to how to correctly assemble your new equipment, the Garage Equipment Group can pre-assemble smaller items for you at our warehouse prior to shipping.
Please contact a member of our sales team for details on Tel: 0151 346 2920.

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