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We supply, deliver & install a vast range of garage equipment including the likes of tyre changers, wheel balancers, 2 post lifts 4 post lifts, scissor lifts and diagnostice equipment. Affordable Quality, thats our ethos and we have speant the last 16 years building on that ethos and our reputation as one of the UK's leading independant online garage equipment distributors. All our garage equipment conforms to the latest EU & Bristish Standards incluing the machinary directive and the internationally recognized European Conformities. All our garage equipment is manufactured exclusivley and bespoke to us from our dedicated manufacturers in china and com bearing the CE mark.

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The GEG sales team are time served mechanics who have the combined knowledge in over 40 years selling automotive serving garage equipment.

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Ecotek tyre changer & wheel balancer package

Ecotek Garage Equipment

Tyre Changer and Wheel Balancer Eco Package

Tyre changer & Wheel balancer Eco Package This is the Ecotek T22 Fully Automatic Tyre Changer designed with affordabilty in mind without effecting the quality or reliabilty of the machine. Due...
Price: £1,950.00 - £2,250.00
Ex Demonstration 2 Post Car Lift  UT40

Ecotek Garage Equipment

Ex Demonstration 2 Post Car Lift UT40

Ecotek UT40 Manual 2 Post Lift This is an Ex Showroom Model with minimal use! This is an ex showroom Ecotek UT40 4 ton 2 post lift and is our entry level Car lift and has been built with...
Price: £1,075.00 - £1,140.00
Shark Eye Light 4 Wheel Alignment Tool

SharkEye Wheel Alignment Machines

4 Wheel Laser Aligner Lite,

Lite Car 4 Wheel Laser Aligner This is the SharkEye Lite 4 wheel laser aligner provided by Garage Equipment Group, it is a light version of our bestselling 4 wheel laser alignment system and vehicle...
Price: £1,200.00
SharkEye 8CCD Wheel alignment system

SharkEye Wheel Alignment Machines

8CCD Computerised 4 Wheel Aligner

8CCD Computerised Wheel Alignment System This is the SharkEye 8CCD computerised wheel alignment system, the next level in wheel aligners. It replaces the standard laser system with an Italian made...
Price: £6,995.00
4 wheel laser aligner

SharkEye Wheel Alignment Machines

4 Wheel Laser Aligner

4 Wheel Laser Alignmer This is the SharkEye 4 wheel aligner it is our best selling 4 wheel laser alignment system and vehicle tracking system and is equipped with a simple to use "hang-on" system...
Price: £1,395.00
tyre repair consumables package

GEG - Garage Equipment Group

Tyre Repair Consumables Package

The picture shown is for illustration purposes only, please see details below! Tyre Repair Consumables Package The Garage Equipment Group stock a complete tyre repair consumables package to...
Price: £240.00
wheel balancer weight pliers & hammer

Eurotek Garage Equipment

Wheel Balancer Weight Pliers & Hammer

Wheel Balancer Weight Pliers & Hammer   This is our weight plier & hammer it is suitable to use with any wheel balancing machine and is designed for use in applying and removing wheel...
Price: £22.95