Wheel Balancers

Garage Equipment Group has in stock an incredible range of recognized affordable quality Wheel balancers equipped to suit garages of all sizes. The way we have set up our website makes it very easy for you to understand the difference between each of our tyre balancer machines.

Types of wheel balancers:


we make it easy for you to view and download all technical specifications and have on show all top features of each balancer for sale so you do not get confused with the vast range of wheel balancer machines that are currently on the UK market, we have simplified the process of purchasing garage equipment.

All of Garage Equipment Groups wheel balancers conform to CE regulations and are tested to a high standard during the manufacturing process. Due to our vast range of wheel balancers and confidence in our product, we can offer a price match promise on any wheel balancing machine that is like for like in quality and design.

When purchasing any wheel balancer from GEG you are not only purchasing high-quality affordable wheel balancers you are also buying into expert technical support. All Platinum, Eurotek, Ecotek & Redats Wheel balancing machines supplied by the Garage Equipment Group are provided with a part’s only warranty. GEG has a fully stocked parts department to accommodate the large volume of stock that we currently have in circulation in the UK. With a fast-effective response, GEG can dispatch parts for next day delivery in most UK destinations subject to the time of your order.

All Products

  • Eurotek Mini Spin Manual Wheel Balancer

    Eurotek Garage Equipment

    Mini Spin Manual Wheel Balancer

    Eurotek Mini Spin Wheel Balancer The is the Eurotek Mini Spin manual wheel balancer and is a part of our well recognised Eurotek garage equipment range of wheel balancer machines. If you are looking for an affordable space saving alternative to the...
    Price: £820.00 - £879.00


  • Ecotek Eco Spin Wheel Balancer

    Ecotek Garage Equipment

    Eco Spin Manual Data Input Wheel Balancer

    Ecotek Eco Spin Wheel Balancer  This is the Eco Spin manual data input wheel balancer, an economic wheel balancing machine at a very economical price. Here at Garage Equipment Group, we understand the ever-changing economy and for that reason...
    Price: £995.00


  • New Eurotek superspin semi automatic wheel balancer wheel balancer

    Eurotek Garage Equipment

    Super Spin Semi-Automatic Wheel Balancer

    Eurotek Super Spin Wheel Balancer This is the Eurotek Super Spin our most popular selling wheel balancing machine. The Super Spin wheel balancer is a motorised balancer with semi-automatic data input, so you don’t have to spend time manual entering...
    Price: £1,220.00


  • W-220 Semi Automatic Wheel Balancer


    W-220 Semi Automatic Wheel Balancer

    The REDATS W-220-wheel balancer is designed to deal with wheels of cars and car-derived vans: Automatic - saves a lot of timeThis is a semi-automatic wheel balancer machine. It will read out all the wheel parameters except the width of the wheel, so the...
    Price: £1,395.00


  • Platinum G66 Fully Automatic Wheel Balancer

    Platinum Garage Equipment

    G-66 Guarder Series Fully-Automatic Wheel Balancer

     Platinum G66 Guarder Series Fully Automatic Wheel Balancer This is our new Platinum Guarder Series. The guarder series wheel balancers have been designed with nothing but quality and efficiency in mind, these wheel balancing machines have a fully...
    Price: £2,295.00