Super Spin Semi-Automatic Wheel Balancer

Super Spin Semi-Automatic Wheel Balancer

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  • wheel balancer transit cone and spacer
  • Wheel balancer universal lug adaptor
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Product Description

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Eurotek Super Spin Wheel Balancer

This is the Eurotek Super Spin our most popular selling wheel balancing machine. The Super Spin wheel balancer is a motorised balancer with semi-automatic data input so you don’t have to spend time manual entering all of the data you only have to input the width of the wheel with the Super Spin tyre balancing machine. With 10 plus years as a brand within the automotive servicing industry you can rest assured that the Eurotek Super Spin can keep up with the ever-changing wheel market. The super Spin wheel balancing machine is equipped to deal with wheels of all sizes with the accessories also available.

If you are looking for a fully automatic machine that combines affordability, quality and efficientcy then why not take a look at our Platinum G55 Full Automatic Wheel balancer or the REDATS W-770 Fully Automatic Wheel Balancer. It has a fully automatic measuring system and auto weight location rotation.

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Wheel Balancer Features:

  • Durable touch pad and digital LED screen
  • Handy top tray with 16 comaprtments
  • Extended 40Mm shaft for added stabilty and accuracy
  • semi-automatic wheel measuring arm
  • 3 x accessory handles
  • Automatic stop and start feature
  • Wheel balancing saftey hood and switch
  • 5 X alloy wheel balancing programmes
  • Self calibration functions
  • Self diagniostic functions

Wheel balancer machine accessories:

  • 1 X wheel measuring caliper
  • 1 X 40mm cone set
  • 1 x 40mm quick release nut
  • 1 x weights plier
  • 1 x 100g tyre balancer calibration weight

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Warranty Information

All Eurotek Wheel Balancing equipment is provided with a 24 month parts only warranty

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