Tyre Changer & Wheel Balancer Package 2

Tyre Changer & Wheel Balancer Package 2

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Product Description

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Eurotek Tyre Changer and Wheel Balancer Package 2

This is the Eurotek tyre changer and wheel balancer package 2 our most popular selling tyre changer and wheel balancer package perfect for all kinds of garages and tyre service centres. With 10 plus years as a brand within the automotive servicing industry you can rest assured that the Eurotek T2000Pro Fully automatic tyre changer can keep up with the ever-changing tyre market. The 3-point assist arm will allow you to tackle any size tyre including those stubborn low-profile tyres that are becoming standard. Alongside this you receive our Super Spin wheel balancer. The Super Spin wheel balancer is a motorised wheel balancer with semi-automatic data input so you don’t have to spend time manual entering all of the data you only have to input the width of the wheel with the Super Spin wheel balancer. The super Spin wheel balancing machine is equipped to deal with wheels of all sizes with the accessories also available.

We have a variety of tire balancers available and you can check out the range by scrolling down and clicking on the links. If you are looking for a larger more comprehensive machine why not take a look at the Eurotek tyre changer and wheel balancer pro pack 2. 

20% off adaptorsinformation flyer for T200 Pro tyre changer

You should check your oil level within the filtration system on a weekly basis why not buy some tyre changer airline oil alongside your machine for jus £9.99

Click on the links below to view more informations on the wheel balancers available in this package.

hyperlink for super spin wheel balancer hyperlink for super spin plus wheel balancer hyperlink for mini spin manual wheel blancer

All our tyre changers and wheel balancers can take motorcycle wheels why not take advantage of the offers available on our tyre changer and wheel balancers adaptors.


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Warranty Information

All Eurotek Tyre changers and wheel balancer are provided with a 12 month parts only warranty

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