Finance & Leasing

Garage Equipment Finance and Leasing 


Finance and Leasing Benefits with GEG
Now with garage equipment group leasing and finance, you don’t have to pay all your money out directly in one go. When purchasing your garage equipment from GEG, you can now cover the cost of your business over time by purchasing your Garage Equipment and paying for your equipment through our garage equipment finance leasing company which we can provide. Over time this enables your business to build its profit without paying out direct costings helping  you by spreading the cost making life a lot easier. “let’s be business smart together”

Correct Equipment Now
Why settle for inferior equipment? Spreading the cost over its useful life makes perfect sense and ensures you get what your business needs.

Budget Control
With a finance lease, the payments remain fixed for the duration of the contract so you know exactly what and when you are paying.

Preserves Working Capital 
A finance lease means that valuable cash can remain in the business and used for continued growth.

Tax Efficient
Benefit from a CLS finance lease which is 100% allowed against pre-tax profits.

Fixed Leasing and Rental Options
Our Leasing and finance options are not affected by interest rates and changes so you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you will pay the same rate throughout your agreement. Rental options are fixed cost payments taken throughout the agreement of your contract.

Protects Other Lines of credit facilities
Existing credit lines, such as bank overdraft or other facilities, remain intact for when times are a little uncertain.