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GEG stock a wide range of air compressors to suite your needs, all our air compressors are provided by the 2 most well known brands of air compressors ABAC and NUAIR, Most of the air compressor we stock are fit for all our garage equipment like tyre changers scissor lifts 4 post lifts and much more. We also offer a range of compressors for other typed of industries.

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  • EngineAir 9 270 Petrol Air Compressor

    ABAC Air Compressors

    EngineAir 9 270 Petrol Air Compressor

    Pictures are for illustration purposes only ABAC EngineAir 9/270 Petrol Air Compressor   This is the EngineAir 9/270 HP petrol air compressor; this petrol air compressor gives you freedom to deliver high pressure air without the use of electrical...
    Price: £2,295.00