Mid Rise Mobile Car Scissor Lifts

Here you will find our mid rise car scissor lifts, these lifts are particularly popular with detailing garages and car enthusiast. This is because the Mid rise mobile car scissor lift has a maximum lifting height of just 1000mm and is completely mobile gifting the user the ability to take their workshop outside! or to another part of their garage. Because they are only small these scissor lifts are ideal for people with height a space restriction.

We don’t offer any mid rise scissor lifts without a 24v locking system or a very sturdy solid fixed platform, this is because we do not wish to put our customers or there vehicles at risk through cutting corners to produce an inferior scissor lift at a reduced price. All our scissor ramps operational features and specifications are available to download or view with ease on our website making it easier for you to decide on quality over price!

We back up all our mid rise mobile car scissor lifts with a 12 month parts warranty and expert technical support from a team with over 30 years’ experience between them.

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