Garage Equipment Sales

The Garage Equipment Group sales team are time served mechanics who have the combined knowledge in over 40 years selling automotive servicing garage equipment. Having used garage equipment themselves throughout their careers provides reassurance knowing they have experience and knowledge when buying your garage equipment online or over the phone.


As a company, we pride ourselves on delivering the greatest technical knowledge in the Garage Equipment industry in the functions and capabilities of our Garage Equipment Products. We are proud as a company to say that 90% of our customers are returning customers who like buying garage equipment from the garage equipment group.


Garage Equipment Connect

Garage Equipment Connect

When you connect with us you will get a friendly approach with amazing knowledge about our products.

Garage Equipment identifier

 Garage Equipment Identifier

We will identify the needs of your business making sure your technical requirements are understood.

Garage Equipment Engage

Garage Equipment Engage

We like to gain an understand of the products you require and all the accessories needed for your order.

Garage Equipment Dispatch

Garage Equipment Dispatch

Once your order is made with us we will identify if you have the correct facilities to offload so we can get it to you.

Our Aim To The Customer

When you call the Garage Equipment Group we like to identify with our potential customers and long time served customers the needs and wants of your business when purchasing your garage equipment. As a company, we want to make sure that the equipment supplied to you by us the Garage Equipment Group is more than capable in carrying out all the different types of jobs you may encounter from your own customers.

Distribution and deliveries 

Our garage equipment products are distributed using a chosen delivery company. It is up to us as a company to make sure through the sale and purchase of your garage equipment, whether or not you have the correct facilities to offload the equipment at the location you require. Our garage equipment is delivered using an HGV Vehicle which has side skirts for easy access, the delivery vehicles used are not usually accompanied by a fork lift truck unless asked or specified by you the customer. We can have a vehicle with a forklift attached to your delivery so that you have the correct facilities to remove the equipment from the delivery truck safely due to the weight of products, safety for is our main concern when delivering equipment to you.