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Welcome to our car scissor lift page here you will find a range of scissor lifts of varied budgets and designs.Like all garage equipment there is a vast choice when it comes to vehicle scissor lifts so don’t just choose your car scissor lift because it is the cheapest on the market, all car lifts must conform to UK standards and a good starting point for this is choosing a vehicle scissor lift that contains a locking system. All our mid-rise scissor lifts and full height scissor lifts contain safety locking systems be that air operated or like on our mobile scissor lifts 24v. We have made it exceptionally easy for you to understand the key operating features and specifications of each of our scissor lifts so you don’t have to worry about what you are buying.

When looking for affordable quality car scissor lifts you can be rest assured, we have the right equipment for you. All our lifts conform to European and British standards keeping in line with the machinery directive and are tested to very high standards in our exclusive factories in China. All our car scissor lifts will bear the recognized CE marking. 

When purchasing our Eurotek or Platinum mid-rise scissor lifts and full height car scissor lifts you are not only purchasing a piece of high-quality affordable garage equipment, you are also buying into the great technical support which is provided by a team of garage equipment experts with over 30 years of experience between them.

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  • Eurotek FHS3 Full Rise Car Scissor Lift

    Eurotek Garage Equipment

    FHS3 Full Rise Car Scissor Lift

    Eurotek FHS3 Full Rise Car Scissor Lift This is the Eurotek FHS3 full height car scissor lift and is our most popular selling full rise scissor lift. With its 3-tonne lifting capacity and low-profile platforms this full rise car scissor lift is the right...
    Price: £2,995.00 - £3,195.00