30T Manual Operated Bearing Press

30T Manual Operated Bearing Press

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Product Description

Double pump with different strokes - easily adjustable

This workshop press has a double pump with different strokes - quick and slow stroke. It allows for an easier control over the tool.


This is an essential addition for any tyre service and car repair professional. It might be used for or pressing, forming and bending jobs.

Exceptional working comfort

This press has a working range of 0-1450 mm. The working bed can be set in one of 8 positions. The max. capacity is 30 tons.

Reliability for years

Top quality framework, along with proven steel means trouble-free operation for many years. The framework is thicker than in the 20T press. This provides for an even more trouble-free work throughout the years.

Easy to read parameters

This workshop press has an easy-to-read manometer, showing the pressure in tons - it allows for an easier reading of pressure values at any time.

Technical Specs

Max Capacity                 30 Tons

Piston Stroke                  166MM

Working Range               0-995MM

Adjustable Shelf              8 Positions

Working Bed Width          540MM

Bed Depth                        250MM

Height With Manometer   1750MM

Piston Size                        56MM/48.55MM

Overall Weight                   125KG

Warranty Information

12 Month Parts Only Warranty

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