8CCD Computerised 4 Wheel Aligner

8CCD Computerised 4 Wheel Aligner

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  • premium wheel alignment accessories pack
  • Pair of bearing mounted Turntables
  • heavy duty 800mm tracking tables

Product Description

geg guarantees to beat any price on all garage equipment like for like in quality and design

8CCD Computerised Wheel Alignment System

This is the SharkEye 8CCD computerised wheel alignment system, the next level in wheel aligners. It replaces the standard laser system with an Italian made 8-point camera system with extremely accurate measuring. One of the main benefits to this aligner is that you will receive readings before and after the alignment which is a more and more sought after demand from customers and with the ability to print out these readings you can put your customer's mind at ease that the wheel alignment is legit and needed. This wheel alignment machine will measure front tracking, rear tracking, set back, caster, camber & toe.

Best of all this system combines the engineering and knowledge of two of the leading minds in the world the Italians and the British. With the cameras system designed and manufactured in Italy and the cabinet and components built in Sheffield you can rest assured that this wheel alignment system is as always from GEG affordable Quality!


Key Features:

  • Remote training available
  • Remote support available
  • Electronic and manual database updates
  • 24" Monitor
  • Wireless keyboard & mouse


  • Camera hangers
  • brake pedal depressor
  • steering wheel clamp 
  • bearing mounted turnplates

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