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Product Description

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MaxiTPMS Ts508WF TPMS Tool

This is the The MaxiTPMS® TS508 Wifi TPMS tool and it has all the features of the TS508. In addition, it has a WiFi module so you can update the tool using Wifi, rather than having to connect the TS508 to your PC.

Feature & Benefits

  • Reading and copying of universal TPMS sensors
  • Prints sensor data via USB
  • Autel TPMS sensors programming
  • Inputs sensor ID in the control unit
  • 4 x MX Sesnor programming methods
  • High Vehicle coverage
  • Sensor learning via OBDTPMS Fault scanning
  • TPMS DTC read and clear
  • 320x240 LED color display
  • 4 methods Programming
  • OBDII Cable
  • Wi-Fi Updates
  • Oil and Water resistant
  • Read 315MHz and 433MHz Sensors
  • Auto Power off
  • 7V Li-polymer






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