UT40E Automatic 2 Post Car Lift

UT40E Automatic 2 Post Car Lift

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  • 32 Grade hydraulic oil for 2 post lift

Product Description

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UT40E Automatic 2 post car lift 

This Eurotek UT40E 4 ton 2 post lift has been built with affordable quality in mind, unlike some of our competitors this lift has double height screw pads as standard which adjust from a low 90mm in 2 stages all the way up to 150mm which covers all variant heights of floor pans and if that's not enough we also include a set of four 60mm height pad extensions ideal for avoiding the side steps on 4x4's and a set of four 90mm extensions for lifting van's and avoiding sill damage. Allthough this ramp is capable of lifting some van's it is not specifically designed for long wheel based vans. As an alternative to this 4 tonne 2 post lift we can offer a 2 post van lift with a huge 5 tonne lifing capcity and longer reach 3-stage arms specifically designed for long wheel based vans, take a look at the Eurotek UT50E 5 Tonne 2 Post Car Lift

For added safety the Eurotek UT40E comes complete with a fully electronic safety release system so the locks are always engaged at all times you are working under the lift. 

Eurotek lifts are tested and certified to CE standards bearing the recognised CE mark and are supplied with a 12 monthd parts only warranty for your piece of mind.

The Eurotek UT40E Top Features

  • 4-ton lifting capacity
  • Twin Hydraulic Cylinders for powerful lifting
  • Fan Assisted Finned Motor with 2.2 KW Power
  • Available in 240V or 415V without effecting the performance
  • Lifting Speed of less than 45s
  • Double height screw pads adjustable from 90 mm - 150 mm
  • 60 mm & 90 mm screw pad extensions for added pad height
  • Automatic safety release system
  • Automatic arm locking system


Are you concerned about the depth or strength of your concrete? If so then we have a car ramp specifically designed for this problem. Check out the Platinum 42FE Full based 'H-Frame' 2 post lift. This particular ramp is manufactured with a supporting frame that bolts to the floor and then the lift bolts to the frame.

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Installation Available across the UK 


Warranty Information

All Eurotek 2 Post Car Lifts are provided with a 24 months parts only warranty

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