UT40 ECO Manual 2 Post Car Lift

UT40 ECO Manual 2 Post Car Lift

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Product Description

Eurotek UT40 ECO Manual 2 Post Lift

This is the Eurotek UT40 Eco 4-tonne 2 post lift and is our entry level 2 post car ramp and has been built with affordability & quality in mind, with a manual unlocking safety system designed to allow safety whilst keeping today's economy in mind.

Because of today’s ever-changing economy we have removed some of the features from our recognised Eurotek 2 post lift without effecting the quality and capability of the vehicle lift so that you can purchase a 2 post lift at a price that is extremely competitive. This 2-post lift comes without the plastic top hats, without the post curtains, without the lift pad extension which are available as an optional extra at 20% off when purchased alongside the Eurotek UT40 Eco 2 post lift and is provided with single height crew pads.

All Eurotek 2 post car lifts are tested and certified to CE & UKCA standards bearing the recognised CE & UKCA mark and are supplied with a 12-month parts only warranty for peace of mind.

What is the difference between a manual 2 post lift and an automatic 2 post lift? Not what you think, the biggest difference between the 2 is the carriage locking system. On a manual 2 post lift the locks will automatically engage on the way up as it would with an automatic 2 poster, however on a manual 2 post ramp when you come to bring the vehicle back to the floor you will first need to raise the vehicle up off the locks and then release the locks via pulling two cables and then lower the vehicle by pressing on the release handle. On an automatic 2 post lift this is all done with the touch of a button so if you are looking for a ramp with less operational steps and more accessories and features included then why not check out our Eurotek UT40E Automatic 2 post lift. These lifts have a fully automatic 24V locking & release system which will make you working life easier.


2 Post Lift Main Features:

  • 4000KG Lifting Capacity
  • Dual phase technology, 1 Phase or 3 Phase Available
  • Single Height Screw Pads
  • Low Voltage Control Panel
  • Semi-Automatic Arm Locking
  • 2 Stage Arms
  • Height Limit Safety Switch
  • Anti Toe Trap Bars

UT40 ECO Specifications:

  • Lifting capacity - 4000KG
  • Maximum lifting height - 1910MM
  • Initial pad height - 110MM
  • Approximate lifting time - <45 seconds
  • Approximate decent time - <45 seconds
  • Power requirements - 240V/415V
  • Overall Height - 2850MM
  • Overall width - 3420MM
  • Internal Width - 2616MM
  • Motor power - 2.2KW
  • Whole machine weight - 616KG

Download our UT40 2 post ramp brochure for more details.





Warranty Information

All Ecotek 2 Post Car Lifts are provided with a 12 months parts only warranty

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